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Manual Assessment

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Teachers juggle with bundles of exam copies

Out of every 5 teachers, 4 teachers spend more than 50% of their total teaching career time on copy checking. This creates mental pressure, and make them unable to focus on improving student's performance.






Copies Evaluated

Welcome to World's first Human-Al Assessment Platform

Let's see, How does it work!

Hustling in copy-checking

After a demanding day of teaching, grappling with stacks of papers for evaluation becomes an overwhelming challenge, significantly impacting the overall well-being of educators

Manual Process

A serious drain on manpower and resources

Tedious Process

Slow,biased,compromises standards, delays results

Upload Photo or PDF

Upload PDF, Photo or Doc on the platform along with the answer key.

Create an AI-powered personalised curated paper, model answer key and evaluate in no time.

Get personalised audio feedback by NIVAA.

Generate Results in real time

Scan copy, Submit it and Declare the result... That's it.

Get questionwise analytics for individual student or for the entire batch.

Provide Al-Powered Micro-Study plans as per the SWOT analysis.


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Let's equip the teachers for future

A Global Platform from BHARAT

We at Testntrack are building Mobile-First productivity tools for Bharatiya, to help them become a part of the mainstream digital education industry. The first set of toois are focused on providing an assessment app to these users. The users of Bharat can easily use these tools on their smartphones in their own choice of regional language, to do copy checking for which they earlier had to spend hours and hours.

Beyond Accessability

Empowering the final teacher for mainstream impact

Human-Al Platform

Scan, Check & Declare: App for precise and standardise, digital result

Safe and Secure

Security of documents is core to Testntrack

Community Driven

Teachers play a vital role in the community




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Student App

5000 Pages scan

Lifetime Updates

No Storage

Pricing Plan

Our Service; Your Price

Testntrack offers its platform at the most afford able price for it's users.



Feedback of users

Our biggest supporters are our teachers who have the farsightedness to see the future. We at Testntrack are committed to serve them the best possible results.

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What people ask frequently

Testntrack is committed to create ChatGPT for assessments. So, people see this amazing and generally have curiosity to know more about it.

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